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Dental Fillings in Livingston

Reliable and Natural-Looking Dental Restorations 

Smile Studio uses safe dental methods and techniques to provide you with long-lasting results. Our gentle team makes the best of cutting-edge equipment to support your dental health. At our practice we offer mercury-free fillings in Livingston, TX, to repair your decayed or damaged teeth. Whether you have a new cavity, or you need old fillings replaced, tooth-colored fillings are sturdy and visually pleasing.

Smile Studio uses mercury-free dental fillings to repair your damaged teeth for lasting results. Contact us today at (936) 255-2431 or us via our online form to schedule a visit!

Tooth-Colored Restorations Are Safer Fillings

The biggest advantage of tooth-colored dental fillings is that they are mercury-free, which makes them a safer option than silver ones. Thanks to the lack of mercury, they won’t corrode or leak, which could damage your teeth and gums. Tooth-colored restorations are also sturdier and have greater longevity. Labs create them to match the color of your natural teeth and the resin they contain helps to prevent tooth decay. 

We Can Help You Switch to Healthier Dental Fillings

Are you looking to get tooth-colored restorations to replace your silver fillings? We can help you with the process. It generally requires two visits but is a simple and safe treatment that will give you better-looking and stronger results.

During the first session, we remove the old fillings and any tooth decay that may have developed. We create an impression of your teeth to send to the lab so they can create the custom onlay for a tight fit. We finish the first appointment by placing a temporary onlay to preserve your tooth until the next visit.

When we see you again, we remove the temporary onlay and prepare your tooth with a conditioning gel. We then use bonding cement and high-intensity light to secure the definitive onlay. Your new filling can last two to three decades with good everyday oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. 

Our Smile Studio team can remove your silver dental fillings to replace them with tooth-colored restoration for better results. Call us today at (936) 255-2431 or use our online form to schedule an appointment.

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